Top Scent Australia Home Fragrance Alternative To Ginger Flower Oil

Top Scent Australia Home Fragrance Alternative To Ginger Flower Oil

Ginger Flower is one of Scent Australia Home's bestsellers; the 15ml diffuser oil scent can be described as a hit of ginger that pleads a retaliation of glee. This dewy fragrance oil sings of earth-derived notes, contrasted by ginger flowers and hints of honeyed pineapple. 

Floral and spice work in harmony to complete the unique and energising aroma of this fragrance with the infusion of fresh lilac and violet. Ginger flower oil is capable of infiltrating all who cross into its field.

Still, it exudes a revolutionary scent. As such, we have compiled identical yet different Scent Australia diffuser fragrances that have a similar infiltrating aroma as the ginger flower fragrance oil. 

The Blanc Oil (15ml)

A union of spice and floral is utilised to create the harmonious tone of this aroma. The Blanc introduces infused top notes of White Tea, Bergamot, and Verbena, which evokes a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. 

Middle notes of Citrus and Tea accompany it, and the profile is finished with musk and spice to complete the luxurious and refreshing Scent. The aroma is as soothing as the sight of flowers basking in the sunshine, their petals smiling at those who glance their way. 

White T Oil (15ml)

Top notes of sophisticated white tea with refreshing Bergamot have been masterfully united with the richness and warmth of middle floral notes, including Jasmine and lavender. The infusion of these bergamot citrus and floral aroma leaves one with a nostalgic and calming scent.

Miami Oil (15ml)

This light and sweet oil reminds us of Miami's simple joy. Its premium fragrance begins with mouth-watering mandarin, fresh watery ozone, and green cardamom notes, which can add simplicity and vibrance to your home.

Accompanied by middle notes of black pepper and musk to create a comfortable and confident atmosphere, this Scent can be likened to a satisfied smile from a stranger. Miami oil is slightly masculine and injects a sensation of energy and class, but it's omnipresent aroma is not overpowering. 

Signature Oil (15ml)

The Signature actions we take make us who we are; without them, we'd lack originality. As such, the signature oil was crafted to ensure that each element used is unique. Top notes of White peach, Mirabelle, and fresh Bergamot are infused into the accord. It is described in Signature Oil inspiration as reminiscent of that white shirt you always reach or your favorite shade of peach. 

The diffuser oil is accompanied by the very floral heart of Jasmine. Signature Oil is completed with sensual musks, which adds an extra dimension to this fragrance.

The Rouge Oil (15ml)

The Rouge Aroma Diffuser Fragrance Oil is a luxurious fragrance with citrus infusion and hints of protection; the accord has top notes of refreshing Bergamot and bitter orange combined with cardamom, mate, sheer Jasmine, and hints of cinnamon. Rouge oil's unique blend is brilliantly finished with comforting sandalwood and white musk notes.