Top Scent Australia Home Fragrance Alternatives To Kiwi Coconut Vanilla

The transcending aroma of the fragrance Kiwi Coconut Vanilla embraces Pineapple, Apple, and Coconut. Although Kiwi and Vanilla promote this scent, this fruity fragrance performs in all settings. 

As its inspiration mentions, "Life represents the fruit that falls, and one's willingness to reach down and retrieve it." As such, Kiwi Coconut Vanilla diffuser oil is evocative of the fallen grapes in the vineyard and their pressed form when they gush into an empty glass.

This fragrance is one of our bestsellers, and in this article, we want to recommend some similar fragrances for our customers looking to try something new. Similar fragrances are listed below.

Coconut Lime Punch Oil (15ml)

Inspired by the closing summer, an infusion of zesty lime and creamy coconut makes this irresistible scent. Coconut Lime Punch Oil is the ultimate summer refresher; the tropical delight is a refreshing fragrance that can completely envelope one in its safety and comforting aroma. 

This diffuser oil is similar to the fragrance Kiwi Coconut Vanilla as it performs in all settings, including homes. With this sublime fragrance, Summer never really dies. Thus, the micro diffuser oil is excellent for lovers of the feel of the summer season. 

Tropical Cruise Oil (15ml)

Tropical Cruise is one of the newest diffuser oils of Scent Australia Home. It is another one of the summer-feel fragrances but carries a low cool and the promise of a new day—notes of peach and nectarine headline the scented oil.

This fresh infusion is complete with a touch of grapefruit, which invigorate and inspire the scent. Tropical Cruise Oil is bright and comfortable, the right fragrance to maintain a balance between energising your environment and keeping it comfortable. 

Poudre de Framboise Oil (15ml)

The sliced pear lay perfectly on the timber charcuterie board. Fresh raspberries danced with a sweet scent and vibrant red. Honey was evenly distributed over the elements of the board and melted in slow seconds." As hinted in the inspiration, the significant elements of the Poudre de Framboise Oil play a massive role in creating the unique scent of the fragrance.

Poudre de Framboise is a floral infusion with leading notes of Hesperidia and Violet. It is balanced by Raspberry and Musk, which enhances its magic. The fragrance is complemented with base notes of Vanilla and Blondewood that takes the mouthwatering aroma to the next level.

Lemongrass & Persian Lime Oil (15ml)

Top notes of lemongrass, combined with zesty lime, are responsible for the unmistakable natural, fresh citrus scent of Lemongrass & Persian Lime Oil. It also adds a unique tartness to this fragrance. It will become one of your soon favourites if you love the citrus aroma in your space. 

The fragrance is complete with lemon peel and a soft floral undertone that infuses the citric scent with a sweet and soothing aroma. It is a must-have on your list if you are looking for a new Scent Australia Home scented diffuser oil to try.