MiNDFOOD X Scent Australia Home: Prized Packs for Possession

In September 2021, MiNDFOOD decided to reward its loyal readers by giving out a Scent Australia Home prize pack. One of the reasons why MiNDFOOD chose to give out a Scent Australia Pack as its prize, instead of literally any other gift, is because of how important fragrances can be to the mind. 

The magazine spoke about how Scent Australia Home prides itself on creating scents that can catapult you to a past experience and can spark an instantaneous flash of nostalgia. It doesn't matter whether you want to transport yourself to a cafe in Paris, in which case you should consider the French Vanilla oil or the Patisserie oil, or you want to feel young at heart, in which case you should try the Beach Party oil and Coconut Lime Punch Oil — fragrances from Scent Australia Home can do it all. 

It doesn't even matter what part of your home you want the product for. Whether it's a bouquet pack for your bathroom or something for a spa session, you can always get something to make your heart swoon and your nose nodes tingle from Scent Australia Home. There are also seasonal oils too if that's something you'd be interested in. The Christmas oil is just the right fragrance to get anyone in the spirit of Christmas. 

With over three hundred scents across a range of oils, diffusers, room sprays, and even gift packs, it appears that Scent Australia Home produces a wide variety of prizes that anyone interested in interior decor (or even just spicing up a space!) would be proud to win. Scent Australia Home promises something for everyone— regardless of season, household, and even budget! 

To win the prize, which includes a Divine Florist Pack and a Rechargeable Battery Diffuser valued at $250, MiNDFOOD asked its readers to send in responses to why they would love to win a Scent Australia Home pack. The magazine promised to pick a worthy winner, and you can be certain that they'd be more than pleased with their prize.