The Perfect Gift For Dad

Back in September, That's Life decided to answer the age-long question; what do you get for dad on Father's Day? 

The magazine suggested everything from razors to leather pouches that "all men need." There were also talks about a charcoal detox mask, a pillow, and even shampoo. But one product stood out from everything that That's Life featured on its Beauty Buzz section. And that was the Rock & Roll Room spray from Scent Australia Home. 

According to the magazine, no matter where dad uses the spray, his space would be left smelling heavenly. And the message was clear; it doesn't matter whether it's the man-cave or the home office — the Rock & Roll spray is the perfect spray to make any space smell amazing. 

It's easy to wonder why this spray is any different from the other gifts featured by That's Life. After all, what makes a spray any more useful or important than a leather pouch for instance. 

The answer is pretty simple. We may not be conscious of it, but our sense of smell is very important to how we feel. What we smell has a lot more control over our emotions and memory than any other sense. 

This is possible because our noses are connected to the parts of our brain that process emotion and memory. Our other sense organs are connected to entirely different parts of our brain. That's why it's pretty easy for just a whiff of a familiar smell to transport you to another era on a wave of nostalgia. 

The inexpensive nature of this premium gift allows you to give more, for less; crafting lasting memories whilst doing so.