European Summer Oil - Designer Range (15ml)


Diffuser Adaptability

Please note:This15ml is only compatible with theMicro or ElementDiffusers.Will not screw intoMacro Diffusers.

The Creation

Top notes of Basil, Mandarin and Berries carry this Summer-infused scent towards complementary notes of Jasmine, Plum and White Tea. To balance the sweet accords, base notes of Cedarwood and Musk are introduced to finalise the powerful profile.
The Inspiration
I spent my afternoon daydreaming about a beautiful European summer holiday whilst stuck on a delayed Sydney train home. My mind became entangled with the fresh, floral scents that are typical in the Croatian beach side town of Korcula, juxtaposed by the strong cedar-like scents of nature that define the old town.
Oil Quantity
15 ml
Product details

Barcode: 9352292061209

Country of Origin


Fragrance Timeline: Micro Oils

Rechargeable Battery Powered Diffuser
Battery diffusers have two settings: 50% and 100%
- At 100% power, oil lasts 18+ hours
- At 50% power, oil lasts 36+ hours

Mains Powered Diffuser
Mains powered diffusers have five power settings: 100%/75%/50%/25%/10% 
- At 100% power, oil lasts 18+ hours
- At 75% power, oil lasts 24+ hours
- At 50% power, oil lasts 36+ hours
- At 25% power, oil lasts 72+ hours+
- At 10% power, oil lasts 180+ hours

*Oil consumption figures are based on tests with a 15ml oil bottle. Oil consumption times will vary and depend on the diffuser type and particular oil used. Diffusion times are only applicable to our own machines.

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