Scent Stamp


Introducing the Fragrance Stamp - an innovative solution designed to provide your customers with a hassle-free way to experience the Scent Australia Home fragrance range.

This unique product allows customers to effortlessly experience the scents without having to open the packaging or leave unsightly fingerprints on tester products. By simply adding a few drops of oil to the fragrance stone every few weeks, your customers can immerse themselves in the delightful fragrance creations.

The Fragrance Stamp's design is inspired by the classic wax seal stamp and is crafted from copper, which is then anodized in a sleek gunmetal black to match Scent Australia Home's branding. The fragrance stone is made of a special blend of clay and earth, cooked to perfection to create a "Half Ceramic" material that effectively absorbs the fragrance oils while providing a smooth surface finish.

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