Kiwi Coconut Vanilla Bundle


The Creation

This is a premium fragrance that begins with mouth-watering mandarin, fresh watery ozone and green cardamom notes. The scent is supported by black pepper and musk to create a comfortable and confident atmosphere. This scent is slightly masculine and injects a sensation of energy and class.

The Inspiration

"The sand is bleached with imprints of goers, and the skyline is blurred by the omnipresent aqua demanding recognition. The barbados' flower with simplicity and vibrance against the grey of the concrete that transcends to yellow with light. The smile from that stranger just softened the noise, and as I perch upon my balcony with an orange in hand, I'm reminded of Miami's simple joys."

Fragrances in Bundle

  • Kiwi Coconut Vanilla Oil (15ml)
  • Room Spray (50ml)
  • Kiwi Coconut Reed Diffuser (200ml)

Product details
SKU: SAH4251
Barcode: 9360369009627

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