Lotus Zen Oil (30ml)


Diffuser Adaptability

Please note: Please note: This 30ml oils is only compatible with the Macro Diffuser. It will not screw into Micro or Element Diffusers.

The Creation

The tart zing of summer fruit meets a refreshing sea breeze. Citrus and a fresh fruity green tingle lift relaxed musk and mild wood which add a purring sensuality to the upbeat, sweet floral heart of this crisp, sunny scent.
The Inspiration

" A walk along a narrow pebbled beach, sunlight and a briny breeze on skin and hair, sandwiched between lapping surf, and stunted woodland sculpted by salt spray. Turning my face to the sun, I can’t help but smile. Elusive and light, inspiring and evocative, the refreshing, mouth-watering zing in the air never fails to lift my spirit and bring relaxing beach holidays to mind. "


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