Nature's Harmony Pack


Bring the tranquil essence of nature indoors, creating an oasis of calm, an ambiance that resonates with peaceful balance. As these oils diffuse, the air transforms, conjuring memories of lush forests and rustling leaves, where every breath becomes a soothing melody of the great outdoors.



This is a premium fragrance that begins with mouth-watering mandarin, fresh watery ozone and green cardamom notes. The scent is supported by black pepper and musk to create a comfortable and confident atmosphere. This scent is slightly masculine and injects a sensation of energy and class.

Santal 66

The fragrance features sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris.


Our highly seductive fragrance with simple, elegant, aromatic accords of fresh citrus, bergamot, musk, tea, amber and jasmine.


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