Pepperwood Bundle


Diffuser Adaptability

Please note: This 15ml is only compatible with the 

Micro or Element Diffusers. Will not screw into Smart Diffusers.

The Creation
Black pepper and cardamom guide this rich fragrance; the perfect accompaniment to a heart of cedarwood and sandalwood, and a classic musky amber finale.
The Inspiration

"The night sky was an endless abyss, captivating in its intensity. She wandered forward, without care for where she was going, drawn into the immutable darkness. The air was heavy with anticipation and the intoxicating musk of amber. She exhaled with contentment, and let the dark night transport her."

Product Quantity
  • Pepperwood Oil (15ml)
  • Pepperwood Room Spray
  • Pepperwood Reed Diffuser

Product details
SKU: SAH5460
Barcode: 9360369021766

Country of Origin

United States

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