Regent's Park Room Spray (50ml)


The Creation:

Intense and energising, fresh green aromatics awaken fantastical dreams inspired by subtle bitter, woody, and spicy facets. Rich woods and leather bring a touch of urban luxury to the rich, sweet scent of an earthy forest after rain.

The Inspiration:

"We select a picnic spot on the daisy-dotted grass, spread out a blanket and lie back to watch the clouds, listen to a boisterous brunch babbling near us, and ignore couples, joggers and dog-walkers pass by. Nearby weeping willows bow to the lake and ducks dry themselves in the sun on the bank. All around us rich spicy greens dance with woody balsamic elements, upbeat and invigorating, vivacious and elegant, the rich petrichor in the air brings good spirits that will last all day."

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