A Guide With The Best Tips & Tricks To Find A New Fragrance

Finding a new fragrance cna be tricky. That’s why the master perfumers at Scent Australia Home have put together a trove of tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of scent.

  • Use The Rule Of ‘Intervals.
  • The best way to test a scent is by giving it time. Apply the fragrance once to the wrist, neck, or clothing, and then check within a couple of hours. If you love it after hours, it could be a good choice.

  • Link The Scent To Something
  • It can be a little challenging to explain your preferences. So, it can be helpful to link your scent preferences to something tangible. For instance, is the texture or feel of the scent like silk or velvet? Or perhaps the fragrance feels refreshing or oceanic

  • Don’t Repeat For Long.
  • There are two tips to remember here. The first is not to repeat the same fragrance constantly. When you do that, your nose will get used to it. As a result, you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. Similarly, try to use more than a single type of scent. That way, you will always have varieties. 

  • The Rate Of Evaporation
  • Remember that each scent has a varying rate of evaporation, which can alter their effect over time. Ask the experts for which one will last longer. 

  • Use The Fabrics 
  • For a longer lasting effect, apply your fragrance to your clothes, or even hair. These porous items will cling to the fragrance more effectively than skin, making it last longer. 

  • A Hack For Dry Skin
  • Dry skin can cause a fragrance to fade quickly. For best results, use an unscented lotion or body oil before applying your scent.