Choosing a Fragrance

The best 3 tips you will ever get when choosing a fragrance for yourself or a loved one.

Whether you are after a fragrance to treat yourself or the perfect gift for someone you love, this read is for you. 

Read on for our easy guide to selecting the ultimate perfume

Understanding their taste for fragrances

Investigating their existing products can give some insightful hints into their fragrance preferences. Start with grooming products like body and beard oils, gels or lotions, to understand the kind of scent your loved one likes. 

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Think outside the box

Believe it or not, fragrances have similar qualities to texture and colour, meaning you could select a fragrance according to the shades of its packaging. 

Another way of matching a perfume, is according to the hobbies or interests of your loved one. Often, sporty people like fresher scents, while artistic souls enjoy something richer, or more luxurious. 

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Does this perfume suit me

Our final tip is to let any perfume you try linger on your skin for a while. 

Instead of judging the scent immediately after spraying, let it settle before you sniff. 

Opening notes in a perfume usually disappear within minutes, and middle or heart notes will pop out just 20 minutes after the first spray. Consequently, base notes will take several hours to appear until they are warm enough to evaporate on your skin.