Unfussy, Warm, and Welcoming: What Makes Our Home Unique Australian

This popular saying, “There is no place like home” is true when you create the ideal atmosphere and furnish it to your taste. 

It is an undisputed fact that achieving your goals is much easier when you reside in the home of your dreams.

Most animals build and guard their territories against potential encroachers. Similarly, humans are attached to spaces they are built to their taste and satisfaction. 

Our homes do not only serve as shelter or escape for the busy and intrusive nature of the world, but also as a sanctuary. 

This is why we create boundaries and are quite picky when settling on those we allow into our space.

It's not a hidden secret that we create many beautiful memories in our homes. For this reason and many others, we crave to own homes that are the perfect replica of what we dream of. 

And over the years, one unique house style has stood out — the Australian Home Style. 

If you are an Australian or love Australian House styles, you would agree that it can be tough finding a home that piques your interest and suits your Australian taste. 

This is because creating a genuine replica of a period-style home or infusing elements of these architectural home styles into modern homes can be daunting. 

However, there is good news for you. According to Domain, a reliable company for houses and apartments, you can now find Australian homes that you will love. 

Yes, your Australian House dreams can become real!

When it comes to our homes, what is it that truly defines Australia's architectural style and makes it unique Australian?

From inner-city heritage with a nod to a bygone era to the suburban promise of backyards, clean design lines, striking contrast colours, minimalism, patios, traditional hip or architecturally designed split skillion roofs, open spaces, and regional homes that connect to a vast landscape, the architecture that promised us our utopian dream came dressed in all shapes and sizes. 

And when it comes to the scent within our homes, what keeps our feet firmly grounded is the greatest reminder of all — our vast landscape. 

According to Scent Australia Home's Andrew O'keefe, whose company produces fragrant candles and diffuser oils, the demand for Australian bush scents went in overdrive this pandemic year as many were craving a wander and couldn't do it in lockdown.

“Our focus on the Australian bush is a nod to the scent you smell when you walk through a bush where bracken has started to grow on the forest floors,” he says.

“While we make fragrances that can take you anywhere from Paris to Miami, the desire for Australian native is on the increase, and we are seeing more Australians wanting to keep their homes fragranced with scents that connect them to what is distinctly Australian.”

Do you want a home that oozes Australian class and gives the unfussy, welcoming, and warm feeling? Our unique Australian homes offer is worth considering. 

It is as good as they come.